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Venetian Macau Gondola Ride Ticket

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  • Instant ConfirmationInstant Confirmation
  • 1 person1 person
  • Printed voucherPrinted voucher
  • Use within the validity periodUse within the validity period
  • Cancellation unavailableCancellation unavailable
  • English,ChineseEnglish,Chinese
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star rate


star rate
I went to Macau with my husband and wife on a pre-school tour. I checked out here and made a reservation in the wag. I would like to ride a gondola in the Venetian hotel once. 
 The atmosphere is a bit like Lotte World but it seems like Venezia is here and it is good ~ I think kids will like it too ~ I have a lot of songs to sing to you ~ ~ I can not upload the video. 
 I took a picture before I left, but I did not actually buy a photo. 
 I enjoyed it because it was so pleasant experience ~ 
 If you get a voucher, you must change the ticket from the souvenir store opposite the gondola to the ticket. ~ I was worried about the booking for the evening because the weighting was long on the weekend. I went on weekdays and it took less than 10 minutes. 
 It is 10 minutes, but it seems like an hour to enjoy enough ~ 
 If you want to experience Macau

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Dive into Europe in Macau, 
Venetian Macau Gondola Ride!

Go on an iconic Gondola ride at Venetian Macau and be in small Italy in Macau. You can feel the air of luxurious Macau's Venice along the Venice canals motif. Listen to the boatman's singing and performance; you can have memorable memories in Macau. At Venetian Macau, there is a shopping mall, luxurious brands and sports, jewleries, and many other varieties to go shopping! Plus, anytime you feel hungry, go taste over 150 kinds of foods in the restaurant and see lots of things to see. Beyond that, an artificial sky lets you snap pictures in shiny and sunny weather, which is one of the excellent pros for purchasing a Venetian Macau Gondola Ride Ticket from WAUG today! 


Outside of Italy,
go for this world-famous gondola experience!

Are you ready to go to the canal inside the Venice Hotel Macau shopping mall? Be on the feel of the Venice vibe in Macau by hopping in a gondola. Here, it's always sunny weather on an artificial sky along the fascinating canal. Enjoy the beautiful channel of the Venice Hotel Macau and an excellent performance by an actor who transforms into a boatman. Snap a picture, a must-do-to! Click on a camera with an artificial sky background on it!

An actor in boatman,
a great performance awaits you!

What makes the gondola ride at Venetian Macau unique is the luxurious and beautiful settings with great performance presents. That's why you can have a magnificent and romantic moment on the gondola ride at Venetian Macau. 

Create unforgettable memories by crossing canals from the gondola ride at Venetian Macau! 

A picture moment for this special day! 

We recommend having a background with a natural look, like an artificial sky for pictures! You may want to take photos with staff with traditional striped shirts and red scarves. 

Check out this famous Korean celebrity

A world-renowned song, Gangnam Style by PSY, is one of the catchy songs people shout out worldwide! Yes ---- this is where PSY shot a music video of one of his hit songs, "New Face," with a background of Venice Hotel Macau. Why don't you become part of these music video shooting spots and feel like you are a celebrity? Wave your hand as if you have great fame in Macau and become a world-acclaimed star! 

Let's show how to reach out here!

1. Airport cab 
Macau International Airport to Venetian Macau Gondola can be approached via taxi. A cab can be found from the entrance of the airport, which will take about 10 -15 minutes. 

2. Bus
: Available to approach via bus from Macau International Airport to Venetian Macau Gondola! A bus stop can be found within the airport, and take the #26 bus to reach Venetian Macau Gondola. 

3. Taxi, Felipe Las Colonnes Terminal to Venetian Gondola 
 Take a cab from Felipe Las colonnes Terminal to Venetian Gondola. Look for a cab station inside the terminal; it takes 10-15 minutes to ride. 

4. Taxi, Downtown Macau to the Venetian Gondola 
: You can take a cab from downtown Macau to the Venetian Gondola. Take a taxi from the main points in downtown Macau; it takes about 10-15 minutes to ride. 

Here are some trendy restaurants

Inside Venice Hotel Macau, there are over 150 restaurants where you can taste many different kinds of foods. Out of all the restaurants, the first restaurant we would like to introduce is called North. A restaurant surrounded by fancy red-colored themes! The uniqueness of this restaurant is that at the center, it has a kitchen, which the chef shows. While having Beijing Chinese Cuisine, an eye-grabbing chef's show will grab your attention. Since it is one famous restaurant, it is fully crowded during meal hours, so try to avoid these hours if you prefer to have a meal leisurely. 

Besides, with a 10-minute walk, selected by a Hong Kong taster in 2016, the most outstanding restaurant at JW Marriot Urban Kitchen Buffet will give you a sufficient and fully satisfying meal, too. Perfect and excellent seasonal ingredients offer you the best meal. Plus, delight yourself with a great night view and fancy buffet at Macau Tower. 

Things to do nearby!

One thing you should take advantage of is the shopping area within the canal. Check out Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and many more high brands, and remember sports brands like Nike, Addidas, and so on! Plus, if you are interested in jewelry or other fashion brands, this is the right spot to go shopping. Moreover, the trends list of shopping items is ready, so pick all the shopping items you like. 


Av. Cidade Nova, Macau



What's Included

  • The Venetian Macau Gondola Ride Admission ticket

What's Not Included

  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses

How To UseHow To Use

  • Once confirmed, the voucher will be sent to your email.
  • Printed voucher required.
  • Please redeem your printed voucher for a physical ticket at the redemption point.
  • The gondola ride takes about 15 minutes.

Redemption Points :

1. Boutique Di Gondola :
Boutique Di Gondola (Shop 832 Grand Canal Street)

2. Emporio Di Gondola :
Emporio Di Gondola (Shop 891 Grand Canal Street)

Redemption Point Opening Hours :
11:00 am - 20:45 pm

Gondola Operating Hours :

1. Grand Canals
12:00 PM - 20:00 PM

2. Marco Polo
12:00 PM - 20:00 PM

First Boarding: 12:15 PM
Last boarding: 19:45 PM

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time.

What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Keep in mind the voucher use allows one person to take one ride on one of the canals.
  • The voucher is valid depending on your voucher option/type, validity period, and canal operation hours. 
  • The voucher is valid to redeem only once. After the use, you cannot refund or exchange it. 
  • Please present your E-ticket when boarding the gondola. For next-day exchange, the purchase must be confirmed before 23:59.
  • The sharing boarding is available for 6 people. Other than a private boat, if it exceeds 4 people, please purchase an additional ticket.
  • Gondola voucher exchange is possible until 19:45 for boarding between 12:00 and 20:00 on Mondays and Sundays.
  • Other than a private boat, hotel passport, and gondola voucher, a private gondola is not included in redeeming the ticket. 
  • Please stand in line a first-come, first-served basis. Seat availability is subject to ticketing availability.
  • Please follow the safety regulation rules & rules for gondola rides.
  • Venetian Macao-Resort Hotel reserves the right to admission tickets and gondola ride itineraries
  • Refunds are not available after payment. Please double-check before making your reservation.
  • Please refer to your voucher for the validity period.
  • Please bring your passport with you.
  • Children under the age of 1 can board the gondola for free.

Cancellation and Refund Regulations

Reservations for this product cannot be refunded or changed after purchase.

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