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Transit Passes

SUNQ Pass 3- Day Northern Kyushu (Korea Pick-up)

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US$ 54.39
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  • Instant ConfirmationInstant Confirmation
  • 1 person1 person
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Duration of more than 3 daysDuration of more than 3 days
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • Receive only on the scheduled dateReceive only on the scheduled date
Check before traveling

Check before traveling

❣️A  convenient pick-up at Incheon Airpot, South Korea!



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This is one of the first trips to Fukuoka! Purchase Sankyu Pass unconditionally. I bought a discount at the wag and used it well. Especially since you have to use it locally, go to the airport to get stamped as soon as you arrive at the airport.


Purchased by 140,000 people, 
Top #1 Fukuoka Transportation Pass ❣️

Get this SUNQ pass, a must-purchase item for Fukuoka trips for highway buses, regular bus routes, and ships! With the SUNQ Pass, go to Fukuoka, Yufuin, Kitakyushu, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima from a regular bus route to some ships or ferries.  

The SUNQ pass includes 15 discount coupons for famous tourist attractions, restaurants, and accommodation facilities, making it more attractive. Enjoy a perfect Fukuoka trip with this one SUNQ Pass! 


Pick-up at Incheon Airport right away,
SUNQ  Pass 3-Day Northern Kyushu!

A SUNQ pass is necessary for Kyushu travelers, including Shimono-seki and Nagato in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Enjoy unlimited rides on highway buses, city bus routes, and even some ships/ferries throughout Kyushu areas, Shimono-seki, and Nagato. 

Access about 2,400 routes and ships with this essential SUNQ pass, so get one for those planning to trip to Kyushu! 

In summary:
Sankyu Pass = Explore Kyushu by bus! 

Introducing SUNQ Pass 3-Day Northern Kyushu

The SUNQ Pass 3-Day Northern Kyushu allows you to travel to five regions like, Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, and Shimonoseki by highway buses, city buses, and ferries or ships (3 sea routes). Travel to various smaller cities and towns, which is more popular than the JR Pass. Get excited to enjoy 5 prefectures by SUNQ bus unlimitedly. Plus, it covers all city bus routes, so there is no need to worry about traveling around the city. This covers most of the city bus routes, and enjoy a convenient ride getting around within the cities. 

SUNQ Pass Northern Kyushu is divided into either 2-Day or 3-Day, so unlimitedly choose the desired ticket for the highway and city buses. 

Check out SUNG Pass 2-Day Northern Kyushu from WAUG exclusively here. 

Introducing the special benefits of the SUNQ Pass coupon!

Check out the SUNQ Pass offer of 15 discount coupons to use at popular tourist destinations, accommodation facilities, and restaurants across various locations. Save your cost and money during your travels via these coupons. 

Please check the details of usage locations for each region:

*Moji, Yamaguchi: Click here
*Fukuoka: Click here
*Saga: Click here
*Nagasaki: Click here
*Oita: Click here
*Kumamoto: Click here
*Miyazaki: Click here
*Kagoshima: Click here

The reasons to buy the pass from WAUG!

Get SUNQ Pass from WAUG and present your QR code and mobile voucher at Incheon airport in advance—exchange to pass and get it beforehand. 
Get a ticket/pass from Incheon airport, and travel immediately to Fukuoka! 


What's Included

SUNQ Pass 3-Day (Northern Kyushu) :
  • The pass can be used on any date regardless of the period of use.

How To UseHow To Use

  • We recommend on-site payment. 
  • Once confirmed, the voucher will be sent to your email and mobile app.
  • Please check the purchase details at the designated airport WAUG booth on the day of receipt.
  • Designated date = Airport pick-up date
  • There are so many recipients, so sometimes you might receive the wrong voucher from the booth.
  • You can use the pass after getting a stamp on it in Japan 

Redemption Point :

1. Incheon International Airport Booth :

Terminal 1(T1)
Bookstore (Books n Travel) in front of pharmacy at international line H counter, 3rd floor of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1
Opening Hours: 07:00 AM - 21:00 PM
Same-day pick-up available
To check the image of the booth, click here
WAUG Contact: +82-70-4353-5959
Recipient Contact +82-32-743-0092

Terminal 2(T2)
Bookstore across Gate 254, Duty-free area on 3rd Floor
07:00 AM - 09:00 PM

How To Use :
Click here for more details.

Stamp Collection Point:
Need to get stamps of use date for a total of 8 places.
**Place of the seal when selecting an unsealed option
Please keep in mind the tickets are delivered without a stamped date, and before use, you need to get the date stamped at one of the following designated locations to make them valid for use)


  • Fukuoka Airport International Terminal 1F Nishitetsu Bus Information (08:30 - 20:30 PM)
  • Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal 1F (05:30 AM - 22:30 PM)
  • Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal (05:15 AM - 23:00 PM / Solaria Terminal Building, 3F ), 
  • Hakata Bus Terminal 3rd Floor (06:30 AM -22:00 PM)
Entering Shimonoseki (Bugwan Ferry), the nearest stamping place is:
Ticket Sales Office in front of Kokura Station
Open in Google Maps (Kokura Station) 
-On the 1st floor of the Garden City building across from the south exit of Kokura Station

Weekdays: 09:00 AM - 19:00 PM
Holidays: 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM
Break Time: 13:00 PM - 14:00 PM

Notice :
It is impossible to get a stamp in Nagasaki Prefecture(Nagasaki Airport Information) since 2018.

What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Please make payment after designating the date of use as the date of departure (airport visit date).
  • After payment, you can only receive the ticket from the designated airport.
  • Child tickets are not sold separately, so please purchase adult tickets if necessary.
  • Parcel delivery or receiving other locations than the redemption point is unavailable. (only in redemption point)
  • You can use for three consecutive days. 
  • Please be cautious not to pay extra charges due to the following conditions: 1) the year and date of use are unsealed or written by hand 2) The information on the front of the pass is arbitrarily deleted or falsified 3) If the pass is used with an expired pass, etc. 
  • After purchase, you can receive it right away. 
  • Please remember that some routes need to be reserved in advance to secure a seat on the express bus and routes that can freely select and sit in an empty seat. Once you have decided on your destination, please check separately whether it is a route that requires you to book in advance.
  • Please follow the contact information below if you need to reserve in advance.
  • Kyushu Highway Bus Reservation Center: +81-92-734-2727 / Operation Hours (Japan local time) 08:00 AM - 19:00 PM (Open all year round)
  • When using the Kyushu cross-border bus, Kumamoto Highway Bus Reservation Center: +81-96-354-4845 / Operating hours (Japan local time) 08:00 AM - 18:00 PM
  • If using B&S Miyazaki, JR Kyushu Reservation Center +81-92-643-8541 / Operating hours (Japan local time) 09:00 AM -18:00 PM
  • [Internet Advance Reservation] You can make an advance reservation at "@bus de." Go to reservation
  • Please check the official website here for more information on the SUNQ Pass.

How to use the 'Pass.'


  • Available Areas: Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, and Shimonoseki by highway buses, regular bus routes, and ships/ferries (5 routes)
  • Validity period: 3 consecutive days from the start of use (non-continuous)
    It is continuous use including the start date selected at the time of reservation, and the usage time is calculated from 03:00 to 26:59; if you board or disembark between 24:00 and 26:59, it is counted as the previous day.
  • Example 1: If you start using the pass at 09:00 on January 1st, you can use it until 26:59 (2:59 AM) on January 2nd.
  • Example 2: If you start using the pass at 02:00 on January 1st, it is counted as the previous day (December 31st), and you can use it until 26:59 (2:59 AM) on January 1st.
  • Please select the usage date as your departure date (airport visit date).
  • You can only pick up at the airport you specify at the time of payment.
  • Please keep in mind after receiving the product, 10% of the payment amount will be deducted for refunds due to a simple change of mind, etc.
  • Please understand that the time may take for the refund process since the product has to be checked to determine whether it is used or if there is any defect. 
  • Please send the product to WAUG Travel at your own expense to get a refund. (The refund will process after the product has been received.)

Cancellation and Refund

Full refund is available on the day of use.
(Full refund available if not received)

Note: However, upon receipt, after confirming that there are no defects in the product, a refund deduction of 10% of the payment amount will be made.
Customer Service
US$ 57.676%
US$ 54.39

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