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Nature TourActivity Tour

Boracay Malumpati Blue Lagoon Tour

US$ 77.9617%
US$ 64.97
Available from tomorrow4.5See reviews  >
Boracay >


  • 24 Hours Confirmation24 Hours Confirmation
  • Duration of 8 hoursDuration of 8 hours
  • 2 people2 people
  • Meeting PointMeeting Point
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Use only on the scheduled dateUse only on the scheduled date
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • Korean,EnglishKorean,English
Check before traveling

Check before traveling

※ Things you must prepare for booking the Blue Lagoon Day Tour (prepare only for one representative)

1. ID card (Choose 1 from passport, resident registration card, or driver's license)
2. Hotel voucher



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star rate
The most enjoyable of all the activities in Boracay! 
 Go up to the end of the valley and ride down the tube, and the local people came from behind one by one, and came down stably and fun.


Visit this unique visited place by locals, 
Blue Lagoon Malumpati

Discover this hidden gem in Boracay! Enjoy the unique spot known by the locals, Blue Lagoon, where everything is prepared for a fun-filled day: exciting water activities, tasty lunches, tropical fruits, and even a ramen or noodles eating feast. Enjoy this emerald glow of the refreshing valley, and play or dive into the water! 

Choose between two options: 1) a lively day tour and 2) a sending-off tour/drop-off option for going to the airport conveniently, which provides a perfect and delightful day for you to spend! (For sending tour, you can enter in front of the airport lounge; plus, the shower is available for your convenience to return home.)


Check out this hidden gem of Boracay for a tour! Visit and discover Malumpati Blue Lagoon, known only by the locals, and is now a hot spot for tourists! This spot became word of mouth from many tourists, and if you want off-the-beaten-path experiences, join now for Blue Lagoon Malumpati! In particular, enjoy the emerald-like light of the refreshing valley and view, which is famous for playing or diving in the water! Be on to have fun in this pristine natural spot reminiscent of the movie Avatar, offering thrilling experiences in the pure beauty of nature. 

Since it is about 50km away, this ticket includes a round-trip, pick up & sending/drop off, and exhilarating water fun; we provide a delicious lunch, tropical fruits, and even a ramen-eating feast to recharge your energy! If you drop-off option or the sending-off tour, enjoy yourself for convenience at the airport lounge and shower facilities. Take advantage of this opportunity to have a unique and memorable memory with the Blue Lagoon before it becomes too popular to visit! 

The reason why we recommend this tour!

1. Available to use on the last day before departure: 
If you reserve a sending-off/return tour for Malumpati Blue Lagoon, go straight to the airport to shower, then leave! 

2. All equipment provided:

You only need to bring just 'YOU,' yourself! Complimentary life jackets, tubes, unlimited beer and fruit, and even ramen/noodles are all prepared! 

3. Delicious Meals: 
A different quality of local-style meal! A barbecue is provided for this tour! 

Tour Course

1. 10:30 AM - Meet at the location (meeting point)
Day tour: Meet at Jollibee Station 2 (Main Road Branch)
Tour with sending-off: Meet at the lobby of your accommodation (Time will be confirmed a day after the tour)

2. Arrive at Boracay Dock
It takes around 50 minutes to go from the dock to Blue Lagoon.

3. Blue Lagoon Tour
Fun free time, lunch, water play, tube activity time

4. Delicious tropical fruits and ramen snacks
Enjoy a variety of foods.

5. 07:00 PM - Arrive at Boracay or Kalibo Airport Sending

A Reliable Editor's Review

I had an absolute blast! It was so much fun and a refreshing escape from everyday life. Tubing was an incredibly fun experience, and it was perfect that the instructors provided one-on-one guidance, ensuring safety. Water activities and turning were an absolutely fun moment in my life."


What's Included

  • Hotel Pick-up & sending-off (limited to those who made a reservation for the sending service) 
  • Lunch (BBQ pork belly/ subject to change depending on circumstance)
  • Snacks (tropical fruit, ramen or noodles/ subject to change depending on circumstance)
  • Unlimited beer
  • Airport lounge VIP Admission Ticket & shower room available (only for people who choose sending-off option)

What's Not Included

  • Travel Insurance
  • For day tour reserves, hotel pick-up/ drop (send) off not included
  • Tube trekking 300 PHP per person (may not be available due to local circumstances or weather, so please pay on-site)
  • ATV cost: 600 PHP per person (may subject to change)
  • Tip for guide 100 PHP per peroson
  • Personal Expenses, Personal items, personal cameras, etc. 
  • Snorkeling equipment and life vest
  • If you choose send-off option, there is an extra cost for moving carrier from the pier: 20 PHP to 25 PHP per carrier (For the ones who do not want to pay additional fee, you may move by yourself, and the cost may subject to change). 

How To UseHow To Use

  • Once confirmed, the voucher will be sent to your email. 
  • Please present the mobile or printed voucher after the meeting point at the meeting time.
  • This voucher is valid only on the scheduled tour date.
  • The tour starts after confirming your voucher. 

Meeting Point :

1. Day Tour Package :
In front of Jollibee, Station 2 (Main Road Branch)
Malay, Aklan, The Philippines
Open in Google Maps

2. Sending-off Tour Package (dropping-off) :
Hotel Lobby

Pick-ups are available from major hotels at Station 1, 2, and 3 - please meet up at hotel lobby before 10:30 AM
Pick-ups are unavailable from: Shangri-La, Crimson, Movenpick, etc. hotels that are transferred by private boat - Meeting before and after 11:00 AM at the private boat dock. 
Other hotels - 10:30 AM meeting at Station 2 Jollibee (Main Road Branch). 

Meeting Time : 

1. Day tour
10:30 AM

2. Sending/drop off tour option
Please check the pick-up time and pick-up location information and reservation confirmation via Kakao Talk, which is sent the day before your selected date. Be sure to send a confirmation reply to the corresponding Kakao Talk. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before the meeting time. 


Malay, Aklan, The Philippines


What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Your reservation is only complete once you have received a confirmation voucher.
  • A minimum of 2 participants are required to make a reservation.
  • The tour itinerary schedule, arrangement, and specific details are subject to change or cancellation depending on local weather and other circumstances.
  • If the tour is canceled due to local weather and other circumstances, we will give you a heads-up for it and notify you beforehand. Please check your Kakao Talk (Korean message App). 
  • If you choose the drop-off option or send-off option tour/drop-off service, please write the correct information of your flight number and information. 
  • No-shows or late arrivals cannot be refunded or changed to the tour.
  • We are not responsible for your loss of personal belongings or robbery. Please write the correct information for your tour (name/contact number/usage date/ drop-off location/Kakao Talk ID). 
  • This tour is for those who want to tour Boracay freely; a package or semi-package tour is impossible to secure. 
  • If you are using it for package/semi-package, even if the reservation is made, the refund regulation can apply. 
  • Once again, we are not responsible for your personal belongings or loss of valuables, so please keep them with you or put them in a safe area.
  • This tour is held in Boracay, so all the responsibility goes to the local company that held the tour and applied to the local insurance.
  • Please bring your own swimwear and aqua shoes, personal toiletries, towels, beach towels, extra clothes, and waterproof packs. 
  • During the tour, please recheck the waterproof pack for using a camera and smartphone; please use it safely. 
  • For travelers abroad, we recommend registering for travel insurance. 
  • Please remember that for the 'Day Tour,' the meeting will be held at Jollibee, Station 2 (Main Road Branch).  
  • If you are using the Blue Lagoon Day Tour, you must prepare a representative ID (passport, resident registration card, or driver's license) and a hotel voucher.
  • If you choose the send-off/drop-off option, this tour service of meeting point/time will be subject to change depending on the location of the hotel. Moreover, it may be subject to change depending on the local circumstances. 
  • For the drop-off service or send-off option, some of the meeting points may not be available for pick-up, like some hotels, Aribnb, and guesthouses. In this case, please meet me at Jollibee, Station 2 (Main Road Branch). 
  • Please keep in mind sending-off tour for hotel meetings may not be available for some accommodations, like some hotels, Airbnb, and guesthouses. In this case, please understand that the meeting will be held at Station2 Jollibee (Main Road Branch). 
  • In the case of sending-off/drop-off tours, please check the [Pick-up time and pick-up location information and reservation confirmation Kakao Talk] sent a day before the selected date, then we will send a confirmation reply to the corresponding Kakao Talk.
  • Please give us a confirmation of your pick-up location and time by responding by Kakao Talk message; processing is necessary for the meeting to happen and avoid miscommunication.If you do not get a confirmation message by 5:00 PM before the selected day, please contact the emergency Kakao Talk; please be sure to contact us! 
  • The day tour will not send the instructions for the tour before the selected day. Please keep it noted. 
  • The meeting time may be subject to change depending on the local circumstances. 
  • If you are late or don't show up at the meeting time, it will be confirmed as not showing up. Please arrive at least 10 minutes at the meeting point. 
  • You may not be able to change or cancel due to not showing up at the meeting time. 
  • Please be careful during water activity and tour (e.g., abrasion, drowning accident, etc.) during tours and water activities. Be sure to follow the safety rules and wear safety equipment (life jackets, etc.) to prevent unexpected accidents. 
  • Please avoid excessive diving; it may cause an accident. 
  • We are not responsible for your accidental damage from your personal negligence or not following the instructions. 
  • Heavy drinkers can cause an accident, so please drink appropriately and watch safety rules while playing in the water. 
  • Please note that excessive drinking can limit tube tracking and diving. Please be aware not to be rude to locals from heavily drinking alcohol. Please absolutely refrain from doing so. 
  • The Blue Lagoon tour is a tour that takes place in nature. Options like tube trekking and ATV may not be available due to unpredictable local circumstances. 
  • In some cases, Tube trekking and ATV may not be available to process; we appreciate your understanding that refunds are not available due to natural phenomena or environmental circumstances. 
  • Please remember that Tube tracking and ATV are optional, so if you do not proceed with these activities, there may be no additional charge. 
  • Please tell the staff separately for Tube trekking and ATV, and pay an extra cost. 
  • Blue Lagoon (Day Tour) need to bring valid identification card (passport, resident registration card, or driver's license) * Only 1 representative need to prepare. 
  • Please present your Identification card/ hotel voucher to the Malumpati staff. 
  • Identification card/hotel voucher can be stored at the Boracay Pier Office. 

Cancellation and Refund

• After purchasing the product, the reservation may be confirmed within three days after purchase, based on business hours (Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM/ excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
• After confirming the reservation, please follow the following refund policy.
• Before purchasing, please be sure to read the terms and conditions, so please purchase carefully.

• In case of changing or cancellation of this product after confirmation of reservation, a fee may be applied according to the special terms and conditions according to Article 5 (Special Contract) of the Travel Terms and Conditions.
- If canceled 21 days before the date of use: Full refund
- If canceled 8-20 days before the date of use: Refund after deducting 20%
- If canceled 2 to 7 days before the date of use: Refund after deducting 60%
- If canceled a day before or on the date of use: No refund

• Cancellation/ refund requests are only available during business hours ( Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)/ Exclusing Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays), yet if it is processed after business hours, it will be counted as the next business day.
• Please request cancellation and refund during business hours, and get confirmation after processing it.
• If you do not cancel during business hours, and two days before the selected days, and do not show up during meeting time for tour. This will be confirmed as no-show (reservation forfeiture), and no refund will be provided.
US$ 77.9617%
US$ 64.97

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