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WAUG Pink Oslob Whale Shark Tour

US$ 56.70
US$ 53.20
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  • 24 Hours Confirmation24 Hours Confirmation
  • Duration of 12 hoursDuration of 12 hours
  • 2 people2 people
  • Hotel pick upHotel pick up
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Use only on the scheduled dateUse only on the scheduled date
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • EnglishEnglish




star rate








star rate
Thanks to the course leaving early in the morning, I was able to go see the whale shark right away after a short waiting time in Oslob! I rented a GoPro to take pictures underwater, but it was very disappointing that there was no photo to take out because the inside of the GoPro waterproof case was damp. After Oslob, if you move to Tumalog for about 15 minutes, you will come to a course to Tumalog, where a motorcycle unit will drive you a motorcycle to the front of Tumalog, which is another real pleasure! It was scary and fun to go up and down the steep slope. Tumalog Falls... Actually, I think it's more memorable than Oslob. The color of the water is also a mysteriously hazy emerald color, so it is even prettier, and the waterfall looks really amazing and majestic. There was also a doctor fish, so I made fun memories. Above all, I was so grateful that the local guide took care of all my luggage and did everything when I was enjoying the tour, and I had a good night's sleep in the car because he drove the 7-8 hour round trip so well! Thank you for making pleasant memories in Cebu thanks to the fruitful tour.

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  • Meet the highest quality tour provided by WAUG, the Oslob Whale Shark Tour
  • Swim with the whale sharks just like in the movies
  • Being surrounded by the emerald-like ocean and whale sharks will melt your hearts
  • Take lots of photos with this calm animals that are friendly with humans
  • Hotel pick-up service is also available for your convenience
  • Meet the inspirational waterfall that was used as the Avatar movie background at the Tumalog Waterfalls
  • Equipment for this tour are organized by WAUG to provide the newest and most sanitary equipments
  • Embark on your tour with the pink uniform wearing pink crew!

Tour Course



Enjoy spending a day with the majestic whale shark in Cebu with the certified WAUG Pink Tour. The Pink Tour provides the most high-quality package and assures the most enjoyment when touring with the package. Swim alongside the most elegant and tranquil animals in the ocean, the whale shark. Don't let their big size scare you, they are known to be the most calm and nonviolent animals that will only welcome you to swim beside them. 

This package provides sightseeing of the ocean and whale shark for those who are unable to join the snorkeling experience. All the necessary equipment is sanitized and well managed to provide you the highest quality experience. Furthermore, safety is a must with WAUG and the pink crew will always keep your safety their priority. Hurry and book your tickets to a once in a lifetime experience that will never be unforgotten with the WAUG Pink Tour!

Although they may be large in size, whale sharks have the most tranquil personalities.

Enjoy snorkeling alongside these majestic creatures and leave a photo to cherish forever.

The pink crew will always be with you to keep your safety at the highest priority.

Delight in the snacks all provided by WAUG to energize your for the adventure to come.


  • 02:00 am- 02:30 am Pick up at you hotel lobby
  • 06:00 am Arrive at Oslob and briefing
  • 06:30 am Whale shark watching
  • 07:00 am Depart to Tumalog Waterfalls
  • 07:30 am Tour Tumalog Waterfalls
  • 08:10 am Depart to the restaurant
  • 08:30 am Dine at the restaurant (Traditional chicken meal)
  • 09:20 am After meal depart to the Oslob Cathedral (optional)
  • 12:00 pm - 13:00 pm Arrive at hotel
The following schedule may vary depending on local circumstances.


F9P9+8PH, Oslob, Cebu, 필리핀


What's Included

  • Free roundtrip pick-up and sending service
  • Personal car and tour
  • Snack set
  • Breakfast
  • Towel
  • Local guide and pick crew

What's Not Included

  • Lunch
  • Oslob environmental tax (500 pesos per person): only if participating in snorkeling
  • Other personal expenses

How To Use

What to Remember

Cancellation and Refund Regulations

•본 상품은 구매 후 영업시간 기준 (월~금요일 10:00~18:00 / 토요일,일요일,공휴일 제외) 3일 이내에 예약 확정 여부가 결정됩니다.
•예약 확정 이후 취소 시 다음의 환불 규정에 따릅니다.
•구매 전, 약관 내용을 반드시 숙지해주시고 신중한 구매 부탁드립니다.

•본 상품은 예약 확정 후 변경 / 취소할 경우 여행약관 제5조 (특약)에 의거, 특별 약관에 따른 수수료가 적용됩니다.

-이용일 기준 21 일전 취소 시 : 전액 환불
-이용일 기준 20~8일전 취소 시 : 20% 공제 후 환불
-이용일 기준 7~2일전 취소 시 : 60% 공제 후 환불
-이용일 기준 1일전~당일 취소 시 : 환불 불가

•취소/환불 요청은 영업시간 (월~금요일 10:00~18:00 / 토요일,일요일,공휴일 제외) 내에 접수된 건에 한하며, 영업시간 외에 취소 접수 시 다음 영업일(영업시간 기준) 접수로 처리됩니다.
•예약 취소 및 환불 요청은 영업시간 내에 요청해 주신 후 취소 확인을 받으셔야 합니다.
•영업시간 기준, 이용일 2일 전까지 예약 취소 요청 후 취소 확인 없이 이용하지 않으시거나, 픽업시간을 지키지 않아 투어에 참여하지 못했을 경우 노쇼(예약부도)처리 되며, 환불이 불가능합니다.
•지정일 하루 전날 발송되는 [픽업시간 안내 및 예약확인 카카오톡] 확인 후 확인답변을 꼭 전송해주세요.
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