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Universal Studios Japan™ Admission Ticket

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US$ 35.95
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Check before traveling

Check before traveling

? WAUG is the official Korean partner of Universal Studios Japan. You can save time by entering directly with a QR code voucher without having to stop by the ticket office.



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The best entertainment on earth,
universal studios japan

WAUG is an official partner of Universal Studios Japan and sells all products, including Universal Studios Japan 1-day tickets, 1.5-day tickets, 2-day tickets, Express Pass 4/7, and early entry tickets.

Universal Studios Japan is the world's best entertainment theme park, visited by a variety of tourists not only from Japan but also from overseas, and offers incredibly stimulating attractions, including the most popular Nintendo World, 'Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge', and 'The Flying Dinosaur'. , Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Minions, and other popular brand attractions, we have prepared themes that will give you the best emotion and excitement!


Asia's best theme park,
universal studios japan

A continuation of the greatest emotion and excitement, the ultimate pleasure that can only be felt here! It’s full of the world’s highest quality entertainment that even adults will definitely be satisfied with! The world's first* Mario Area, which received the theme park industry's highest honor, the 'Thea Award', and 'Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge™', as well as the incredibly stimulating attractions, including 'The Flying Dinosaur', the Wizarding World of Wizarding World. Relax in a park that offers the best emotion and excitement, including popular brand attractions such as Harry Potter™ and Minions!

*A joint venture USJ survey targeting facilities themed around Nintendo brand characters and world view

Introducing how to use Super Nintendo World™

Depending on the situation, you may be able to enter Super Nintendo World without one, but it may be difficult as it is a very popular area. So, if you really want to enter, we recommend purchasing an area admission ticket.

Ticket prices vary depending on the date.

Universal Studios Japan admission tickets are broadly divided into seasons A, B, C, and D.

A: Low season
B: Regular season
C: Regular - High Season
D: High season
E: Super high season

Since prices vary depending on the date, it is important to check what season the day you visit falls on. Conversely, it may be a good idea to visit during the A: Raw season, when tickets are the cheapest. Detailed season details can be found on the Universal Studios Japan official site. View details on admission dates by season

for a moment! Looking for a variety of tickets?

Universal Studios Japan is so popular that they sell a variety of tickets. So, let’s take a look at what each ticket is.

1. Universal Studios Japan 1-day admission ticket:
With this product, you can ride Universal Studios Japan’s attractions for 1 day.
You can think of it as the most basic product.

Purchase a one-day admission ticket

2. Universal Studios Japan 1.5-day / 2-day admission ticket:
You can ride Universal Studios Japan’s attractions for 1.5 or 2 days.
The only difference between a one-day admission ticket and the period during which you can enter.

Purchase a 1.5-day admission ticket
Purchase a 2-day admission ticket

3. Universal Studios Japan Express Pass 4:
The number '4' means priority access to 4 attractions.
However, the four attractions can only be used with a pre-determined pass.

Buy Express Pass 4

4. Universal Studios Japan Express Pass 7:
The number '7' means priority access to 7 attractions.

Buy Express Pass 7

5. Universal Studios Japan 1-day pass + early park-in:
You can enter areas and attractions with long waiting lines more quickly by entering 15 minutes earlier than the actual opening time!

Purchase admission ticket + early park-in ticket

6. Universal Studios Japan 1-day ticket + Super Nintendo World™ Area admission ticket:
This is an admission ticket that gives you a general admission ticket plus a confirmed entry ticket to the Super Nintendo World Area.

Purchase a confirmed entry ticket to the Super Nintendo World Area

Tips for using your time efficiently

You need to remember this if you want to use your time efficiently and explore the park without fail.

1. Using a ‘Reservation Boarding’ ticket at Wonderland:
Universal Wonderland issues ‘reservation ride’ tickets that allow you to reserve the time of ride attractions. Once you specify your usage time and issue a ticket, your reservation is complete! Until usage time, you can play at Playland or Athletic or explore the park.
Check details about reserved boarding

2. Download the official app to view attraction descriptions and waiting times:
On the detailed page of each facility, you can easily check the description of the ride attraction and show, operation status, waiting time in minutes, and show schedule, so you can enjoy the park efficiently. Download the app

3. Check the e-numbered tickets that can be issued through the app:
You can issue e-numbered tickets through the new app. You can enjoy entering the area and experiencing the attractions smoothly, and the time children spend waiting in line can be used for other fun activities such as playland or restaurants. Check e-ticket
*App registration is available from the day after the purchase date.

Introducing the most popular areas

Universal Studios Japan has areas with a variety of themes. Among these, I will introduce you to the most popular areas recently.

1. Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

The famous world of Mario Kart and various courses full of surprises appear right in front of you. Rush along with Mario and Princess Peach while throwing your shell to repel enemies! The excitement never stops at the world's first Mario Kart experience realized with Park's latest technology!

2. Yoshi's Adventure

Let's hop on Yoshi's back and go on a treasure hunting adventure chasing Captain Kinopio! It's full of fun, such as finding three eggs hidden all over the place by referring to the map that the captain forgot to leave behind, overlooking the Mushroom Kingdom from Mount Kidari, and meeting cute kids!

3. Minion Mayhem

Enjoy the most exciting ride attraction as you are realistically swept into the chaos caused by the minions, with realistic videos unfolding on a giant dome screen! The stage is the mansion and laboratory of the phantom thief Guru. Start your extraordinary training to become a Minion by riding the special vehicle invented by Gru! Run around the lab with numerous minions and Guru's three daughters, fly around as much as you want, and then plummet to the ends of the earth! I thought it was, but the deep bond between Minion and Gru and the three sisters made my heart flutter unexpectedly. A minion who is so free but has a strong sense of justice!

Let's jump into the middle of the chaos and enjoy the cuteness of Mini!

4. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The overwhelming experience ride attraction that lets you race through the world of Harry Potter™, which has won the world's No. 1 ride attraction award for the past five years in a row, has evolved even further!

With realistic video that maximizes reality, 3D glasses are no longer needed, and with the more powerful magic effect, the dragon's flames and the dementor's cold directly hit your entire body! Experience the thrill of a new dimension through a new adventure as you race through the 360-degree magical world more realistically and closer, surrendering your whole body to it!

5. Flying Dinosaur

A state-of-the-art flying coaster that boasts height differences and lengths that go beyond imagination, allowing you to fly with all your might. Get caught on the back by the runaway dinosaur Pteranodon and fly through the air with your whole body exposed! This is an “unbelievable” thrill experience that will take you away from your daily life as you are dragged around the world of Jurassic Park 360 degrees.

Universal Studios Japan also includes Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Universal Wonderland, Amity Village, and Waterworld Area.

NO LIMIT! Summer Dance Night with HYBE JAPAN

DIVE! Let’s dive into this unique summer.
On a cool summer night after the sun sets, the hottest party begins... A collaboration between popular artists from HYBE LABELS who are active around the world and Universal Studios Japan. The birth of the most special stage that combines hit songs and music videos from eight popular artist teams, including BTS, as well as performances by dancers and DJs from Universal Studios Japan, and special production using light and water! DIVE into this unique summer night that is stylish, cool, energetic and even hot! Let’s jump in with our whole bodies!!

Event period
2024 July 3 (Wed), July 6 (Sat) - 7 (Sun), July 13 (Sat) - 15 (Mon), July 20 (Sat) - 21 (Sun) ), July 27th (Sat) ~ 28th (Sun), August 1st (Thursday) ~ 22nd (Thursday)

※ The holding period may be subject to change.
※ Artist live performances are not scheduled.

Artist Introduction

BTS, which debuted in 2013 and swept rookie awards both domestically and internationally, has grown into a top-class group representing Korea in name and reality. Currently, BTS has become a global superstar, creating a boom around the world. They are setting numerous records on the world's leading charts such as Japan's Oricon, US Billboard, UK Official Charts, iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, and are also breaking records in CD sales, music video views, and SNS indices. In addition, it is exerting a positive influence through speeches at the United Nations General Assembly and the LOVE MYSELF campaign. In addition, he was the first Korean singer to be nominated for the 2024.6.11 2 at the '63rd Grammy Awards' and even performed a solo performance, and was nominated for three consecutive years until the '65th Grammy Awards'. At the '2021 American Music Awards', he won the grand prize, 'Artist of the Year'. They also set a record of appearing on stage at the three major American music award ceremonies, the 'Billboard Music Awards', 'American Music Awards', and 'Grammy Awards'.

The 13-member group SEVENTEEN debuted in Korea with the mini album '17 CARAT' on May 26, 2015. The 11th Mini Album 'SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN', released in October 2023, sold 5,091,887 copies in the first week, achieving the No. 1 initial sales volume (album sales in the first week after release) in K-POP history, setting a record for the first time in K-POP history. established. Every time they release an album, they break their own record. From September to December 2023, we held our largest dome tour, “SEVENTEEN TOUR 'FOLLOW' TO JAPAN,” which toured 5 cities and enthralled 515,000 people.

It is a 5-member boy group formed by SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI, and the group name means 'You and I, who are different from each other, come together with one dream and create tomorrow together.' They debuted in Japan with the single 'MAGIC HOUR' in January 2020. Japan's 1st album “STILL DREAMING,” released in January of the following year, ranked first on the Oricon chart weekly album rankings following the previous two albums, and has since ranked first for nine consecutive albums, including the latest work, the 3rd album “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL.” He holds the all-time record for the number of consecutive albums among foreign artists that achieved first place. In addition, the 5th Mini Album “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION” achieved the feat of becoming the group's first to reach #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart, and has since achieved notable results on major global charts, including charting for 19 consecutive weeks. In addition, they held two world tours and participated in the large music festival 'Lollapalooza' in Chicago, USA for two consecutive years starting in 2022. In 2023, they were invited as the first K-POP group to be the headliner, and their influence is rapidly increasing in the global performance market. is expanding.

It is a multinational boy group consisting of 7 members: JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO, and NI-KI. Formed through Mnet's mega-project “I-LAND,” they debuted in Korea in November 2020 and then in Japan in July 2021. The second world tour 'FATE', held from July 2023, mobilized approximately 327,000 people from around the world with 21 performances in 13 cities including Korea, Japan, the United States, and the Philippines, and was the first among K-POP boy groups. They became the group to successfully perform at the Tokyo Dome the fastest since their debut. At the end of the year, they won the 'Special International Music Award' for the first time at the TBS '65th Japan Record Awards'. In addition, their latest album “ORANGE BLOOD” achieved their first double million-seller, and from June of this year, the Japanese tour “ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR 'FATE PLUS' IN JAPAN,” which achieved the highest number of performances, was scheduled to be held. there is.

Debuted in May 2022. It consists of five members: KIM CHAEWON, SAKURA, HUH YUNJIN, KAZUHA, and HONG EUNCHAE, and is the first girl group launched by HYBE and SOURCE MUSIC, which have labels that have produced many global artists such as BTS. The group name was created by rearranging the letters of “IM FEARLESS,” and implies self-confidence and a strong will to move forward without being swayed by the world’s gaze. In February 2024, the 3rd Mini Album 'EASY' was released, achieving million-seller sales for three consecutive works. The title song 'EASY' became a hot topic by charting for the first time on the Billboard 'Hot 100' (as of March 9). Additionally, in March, they won their first award at the 38th Japan Gold Disc Awards and simultaneously won two awards in the Asian category, proving their overwhelming popularity in Japan. In April of this year, they appeared at the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival', the largest music festival in the United States, and were on stage alone in the shortest period of time since debut among Korean artists of all time, raising great expectations for their popularity and future activities in the United States.

The group name of NewJeans, a 5-member girl group consisting of MINJI, HANNI, DANIELLE, HAERIN, and HYEIN, symbolizes the aspiration to become an icon of the times like jeans that you can find every day and never get tired of wearing, and the determination to open a new era called 'New Genes'. Contains at the same time. Under the differentiated production strategy of ADOR's executive producer Min Hee-jin, it created a sensation upon its debut on July 22, 2022, and recorded three consecutive 3 million-sellers from the debut album 1st EP 'New Jeans' to the latest album. In Japan, despite being before their debut, they won the 'Excellent Work Award' and 'Special Award' at the '65th Japan Record Awards'. In addition, with the 2nd EP 'Get Up', the group reached #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart within one year of debut, the shortest period for a K-POP group, and has so far charted 5 songs on the main song chart 'HOT 100'. are achieving remarkable results. On Spotify, the cumulative number of streams for all of NewJeans' songs has exceeded 3.7 billion, continuing to break ground in popularity around the world.

&TEAM is a group under HYBE LABELS JAPAN that debuted with Debut EP “First Howling: ME” in December 2022. It is a 9-member multinational group consisting of EJ, FUMA, K, NICHOLAS, YUMA, JO, HARUA, TAKI, and MAKI. The 2nd EP “First Howling: WE” was released in June 2023, and the first full-length album “First Howling: NOW” was released in November of the same year, dominating domestic and international charts in Korea. Starting in January 2024, they toured 8 cities, including overseas performances, with their first tour concert “2024 &TEAM CONCERT TOUR ‘FIRST PAW PRINT’”. Connected from different starting points, they expressed their ambition: 'Nine people with different personalities will become one team and connect various worlds.' It is a group full of positive energy based on strong solidarity, and is running toward tomorrow with the goal of greater growth.

The group name of BOYNEXTDOOR, the first boy group of HYBE's label KOZ ENTERTAINMENT, means 'Boys Next Door' and contains the meaning of reaching people's hearts with friendly and natural charm. They debuted with their 1st single ‘WHO!’ on May 30, 2023. At the time of their debut, in 2023, the debut album of a new K-POP group ranked first in initial sales. In September of the same year, they released their 1st EP 'WHY..', boasting great popularity in Japan as well, taking first place in the Oricon Daily Album Ranking (as of September 4, 2023). In addition, on the 112th day of their debut, their 1st EP 'WHY..' charted on the US Billboard main album chart 'Billboard 200', and at the 'Melon Music Awards 2023', they won 8 awards as of January 2024, including the Global Rising Artist Award. Awarded. The long-awaited comeback is scheduled for April, and expectations are rising for their future activities as a boy group that will carry the burden of the next generation.

*Photo is an image.
*Information about Universal Studios Japan is current as of May 2024. Subject to change without notice.
*Contents and business hours of events, attractions, restaurants, shops, etc. may change or be suspended without notice depending on the season and weather. For more details, please check the official website of Universal Studios Japan.

TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

Meal & shopping coupons usable within the park

Not only the studio pass, but also a 1,000 yen coupon that can be used at shops, restaurants, and food carts in the park! This set allows you to enjoy the park more effectively. Since this product has a limited quantity available for daily sale , we recommend taking a coupon with you!

⚡Precautions for using coupons:

  • Coupons can be used at restaurants, snack stands, food carts, and shops that are open that day. (Excluding wagon sales, stamps, cigarettes, balloons, etc.)
  • Coupons cannot be used to purchase admission tickets, express passes, etc.
  • Please present the coupon to the staff at checkout.
  • One QR code can only be used at one store, and split use is not possible.
  • Any remaining balance after using the coupon will not be refunded.
  • Coupons cannot be transferred, exchanged, or sold.
  • The business hours of restaurants and stores selling products within the park may differ from the park business hours and may change without notice.
  • When using coupons, you can use multiple coupons, but change will not be returned. (ex: 1 person uses 2 or more coupons)
  • Although it is written on the voucher as “one person per ticket”, please note that there is no problem with multiple coupons being used by one person.
  • For information on food and restaurants, please check the official website. Shortcuts
  • For information about goods & shops, please check the official website. Shortcuts
  • Go to purchase page


Things to prepare and tips to enjoy it better

Here are some tips for enjoying Universal Studios Japan that will definitely be helpful if you know them in advance.

1. Admission tickets and express passes are purchased separately:
Admission tickets are required. I like that the Express Pass is available for the Super Nintendo World Area.

2. Install the Universal Japan official app and register in advance:
Korean language support is also available, so it’s not difficult.

3. For open runs, you must arrive before 8 a.m.

4. It is recommended to print the WAUG admission ticket voucher and Universal Studios Japan admission ticket.

5. Bringing in food is prohibited:
Bags are checked and hiding is prohibited.

6. Always wear comfortable shoes:
You will walk at least 10,000 steps.

Introducing how to get to Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is a bit far from downtown Osaka. That’s why it’s important to find it smartly. The editor's recommendation is to use the Osaka Loop Line and JR Yumesaki Line from Umeda to get to JR Universal City Station . Please note that because it is a JR line, you cannot use the Osaka Amazing Pass.

WIZARDING WORLD and all related trademarks, characters, names, and indicia are © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s23) Minions and all related elements and indicia TM & © 2023 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.
© Nintendo ©2023 Pokémon. ©1995-2023 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.
TM & © Universal Studios & Amblin Entertainment TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved. CR23-1611


What's Included

  • Universal Studios Japan 1-Day Admission Ticket

What's Not Included

How To UseHow To Use

  • purchase goods
  • After booking, a confirmation email and mobile voucher will be issued simultaneously.
  • If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder or contact customer service.
  • With mobile voucher You can enter immediately after scanning the QR code.
  • What if I don’t see my mobile voucher? Please check your email first. (Payment sent immediately)
  • *You can also check the issued voucher and enter more conveniently through the WAUG app.

address :

universal studios japan
2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 554-003
Open in Google Maps

operating time :

Opening hours: 09:30 am
Closing time: 19:00 PM - 22:00 PM
Opening/closing times vary depending on the day of use. Please check the exact operating hours on the website before visiting.


2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima,Konohana Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 554-0031


What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • App registration for e-tickets is available starting the day after the date of purchase.   Check e-ticket
  • View detailed map of Universal Studios Japan
  • Some special (EX. Halloween) attractions may not be available.
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ has a limited number of visitors per hour.
  • Free admission for children under 4 years of age.
  • Validity period (90 days) occurs only for the same season from the date specified at the time of reservation . Please note.
  • This is a ticket for foreigners only and is not available to Japanese nationals.
  • The use of camera tripods, selfie sticks, etc. is prohibited inside Universal Studios Japan.
  • Information regarding Universal Studios Japan is current as of March 28, 2023 and is subject to change without notice.
  • Please cooperate with enhanced hygiene measures at the park. For more information, please check the Universal Studios Japan official website.
  • Elementary school students under the age of 12 can use the child ticket if they bring a proof of attendance in English.
  • To enter Super Nintendo World, you need a ‘Universal Express Pass with Area Admission Ticket’ or an ‘Area Admission Numbered Ticket’.
  • Depending on the level of crowding, you may be able to enter without an “Area Admission Confirmed Ticket/Area Admission Numbered Ticket.”
Etiquette and dress code
  • Please check before visiting Universal Studios Japan. Entry may be denied if you wear inappropriate clothing.
  • Check etiquette and attire View details

What if you purchased it with the Universal Express Pass?

  • Universal Express Pass may not be issued due to local inventory conditions.
  • For this reason, requests for ticket refunds are not possible.

Which Universal Studios Japan ticket is right for me?

  • Is it difficult to get tickets to Universal Studios Japan, which is too complicated?
  • View detailed ticket information on WAUG's official blog and find the ticket that's right for you. Learn more

Emergency attraction opening and closing information

If a designated UEP attraction is not in operation due to maintenance, we provide an alternative attraction.
Attraction operations may be suspended due to inspections. View attraction closure information in detail

Alternative attractions are not available for the following attractions:

  1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  2. Flight of the Hippogriff
  3. Hollywood Dream The Ride ~Backdrop~
  4. Universal Cool Japan Designated Attractions
  5. Minion Mayhem
  6. The Flying Dinosaur
Attraction inspection information
  • Operation of the attraction will be suspended due to inspection. Please check before use.
  • Attraction suspension schedule Japanese View details
  • Attraction suspension schedule Korean Learn more
Information on possible suspension of sales to prevent congestion
  • Universal Studios Japan may suspend sales in an emergency to prevent accidents, and we recommend that customers planning to visit purchase tickets as soon as possible.
  • Tickets will not be sold on site on dates when WAUG has suspended sales.

App download instructions

BicCamera traveler-exclusive discount coupon

  • Enjoy shopping while getting great value for money at Bic Camera, Japan's largest home appliance store.
  • There is also an additional 5% discount on medicines and cosmetics and an additional 3% discount on sake.
  • Some items are excluded, so please refer to the image above when using them!

Don Quijote duty free discount coupon

  • You can get up to 15% discount with 10% tax exemption + 5% coupon!
  • 40,000 to 100,000 different products and low prices! You can shop in one stop for everything from cosmetics to medicine, snacks, and character goods.
  • It is also open late at night, so you can enjoy shopping late at night.
  • Get discount coupon
  • Exchanges, refunds, and date or season changes are not possible at the time of payment.
  • In accordance with Universal Studios Japan regulations, tickets other than annual passes are not eligible for re-entry.
  • The admission ticket is valid for 90 days from the selected date and within the same season, and can be used once in the selected season.
  • It is not available on dates earlier than the selected date.
  • To enter Super Nintendo World, you need a ‘Universal Express Pass with Area Admission Ticket’ or an ‘Area Admission Numbered Ticket’.
  • Depending on the level of crowding, you may be able to enter without an “Area Admission Confirmed Ticket/Area Admission Numbered Ticket.”
Voucher usage information
  • Universal Studios Japan one-day admission tickets are divided into five price bands.
  • Depending on the peak season and off-season, it is divided into A (Low) / B (Middle) / C (High) / D (Premium High) / E (Super Premium) season tickets, and are only available for the season of the option selected at the time of reservation.
  • ex. Select season C when making a reservation > Not available for seasons A and B (not available even for seasons with a lower price than the purchased ticket)
  • Detailed season information can be found on the voucher.
  • View detailed 3-month season information (View detailed information on low, middle, high, premium, and super premium seasons)
  • Please make sure to read the information before making a reservation. Refunds and changes are not possible in relation to this content.

Cancellation and Refund

Reservations for this product cannot be refunded or changed after purchase.
Customer Service
US$ 35.95
US$ 35.95

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