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Osaka, Kyoto Keihan Pass 1-day pass + Hirakata Park admission ticket

US$ 4.5118%
US$ 3.71
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  • Receive only on the scheduled dateReceive only on the scheduled date
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I rode the Keihan train to and from Hirakata Park. If you calculate the difference in ticket price before and after entering Hirakata Park, you can benefit from just one round trip on the Keihan train. The same product sold by other companies only provides information on exchanges at stations that transfer to Osaka Metro Station, but WAUG also provided detailed information on offices where exchanges can be made at various stations, including Kyobashi, so I purchased it from WAUG. Be sure to check the stations where you can redeem your pass.


Keihan Pass, a must-have item for Kyoto travel,
Hirakata Park admission tickets at a combo discount!

Get the Keihan Pass and Eizan Train Pass, essential passes for traveling to Osaka, at a discounted price as a combo. You can travel comfortably through Japan's representative cities, Osaka and Kyoto, with the Keihan Pass, and have fun at Hirakata Park located near Osaka.

You can make a perfect trip around Osaka with just the Keihan Pass and Hirakata Park! Additionally, enjoy benefits at 30 travel destinations in Osaka and Kyoto with the travel discount coupons included in the Keihan Pass.


Kyoto Keihan Pass and Hirakata Park admission ticket,
Get it at a combo discount price

Keihan Pass:
The Keihan Pass, like the Tokyo Metro Pass, is a ticket that allows unlimited use of the Keihan Main Line to major travel destinations in Osaka and Kyoto. All you need is a gay pass! You can easily visit various tourist destinations such as Kyoto, Kyobashi, Kadoma City, Chushojima, Ushi, and Tofukuji.

Hirakata Park:
Hirakata Park is a family-friendly theme park with over 40 attractions. By taking advantage of the undulating terrain, you can enjoy a variety of thrilling attractions. Hirakata Park is located a 3-minute walk from Hirakata Koen Station using the Keihan Pass, so it's even better if you use it as a combo.

Keihan Electric Railway routes

The Kyoto-Osaka Keihan Pass is a pass that allows unlimited use in the areas shown on the map above. In particular, the 2-day pass is more useful because you can use it for two days at any time during the period, rather than two consecutive days. The route is simpler than you think, so this is all you need to look at. Below, I will introduce the available train grades.

The Keihan Pass can actually be used on all rapid express, limited express, commuter express, rapid express, and sectional express. This is the most attractive feature of the pass. If you want to see a stop at a station and go faster, it would be much more advantageous to take a rapid express, right? You can travel from Kyobashi to Gion without stopping. Also, if you want to check what features each pass has at a glance, click Check out Keihan Pass features !

Keihan Pass Travel Tips

The Keihan Pass allows unlimited rides on all lines of the Keihan Main Line and the Otokoyama Cable Line (excluding the Otsu Line). Additionally, the Kyoto 1-day pass allows unlimited rides on the Keihan Main Line (Yawatashi-Demachiyanagi), Uji Line, and Otokoyama Cable Line. The Keihan Pass has separate passes for traveling between Osaka and Kyoto and a one-day pass for traveling within Kyoto! If you plan to travel primarily around Kyoto, the Kyoto 1-day pass is a great option! First, check out the Keihan routes in Kyoto and Osaka, and check out the routes you can travel with the Kyoto 1-day pass.

About Hirakata Park

Hirakata Park is Japan's first theme park and has the longest history! This theme park is loved by family travelers because it is easily accessible, just a 4-minute walk from Hirakata Koen Station. You can ride thrilling attractions including the Ferris wheel during the day, and see the sparkling park at night!


What's Included

  • Keihan Pass (Kyoto-Osaka) 1-day pass

What's Not Included

How To UseHow To Use

  • purchase goods
  • Send mobile voucher by email
  • On the day of use, go to the pass collection point and present the voucher to exchange the pass.
  • Voucher validity period: Until March 31, 2025
  • Validity period for lost ticket: Please check the date printed after exchanging the forfeited ticket.

Pass pickup location:

1. Yodoyabashi Station Station Staff Office
Operating hours: 05:00 am - 24:00 pm
See details in photos

2. Kitahama Station station counter (information counter next to the ticket gate)
Operating hours: 05:00 am - 24:00 pm
See details in photos

3. Temmabashi Station station counter (information counter next to the ticket gate)
Operating hours: 05:00 am - 24:00 pm
See details in photos

4. Kyobashi Station station counter (information counter next to the ticket gate)
Operating hours: 05:00 am - 24:00 pm
See details in photos

5. Sanjo Station counter (information counter next to the ticket gate)
Operating hours: 05:00 am - 24:00 pm
See details in photos

Pass collection location temporarily closed:
The Keihan Tourist Information Center at Gion-Shijo Station and the station counter at Kitahama Station will be temporarily suspended for the time being to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Please keep this in mind when using it.

Hirakata Park Address:
Hirakata Park
Japan 〒573-0054 Ōsaka-fu, Hirakata-shi, 枚方公園町Hirakatakōenchō, 1−1
Open in Google Maps

Directions: JR Osaka Station → Keihan Kyobashi Station → Get off at Hirakata Koen Station → 3-minute walk


1-1 Hirakatakoencho, Hirakata, Osaka 573-0054 Japan


What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Same-day reservations and same-day use are available.
  • It is difficult to receive it anywhere other than the receiving location.
  • You can use the Keihan Line section and Otokoyama Cable Line unlimitedly. (Excluding Otsu Line)
  • Keihan Pass and Hirakata Park admission are included in one ticket.
  • The use of the transportation ticket and Hirakata Park admission ticket is only valid on the same day.
  • Hirakata Park is an “admission ticket.” To use the attraction, please purchase an additional free pass.
  • At Hirakata Park, attraction tickets excluding admission fees are sold separately.
  • Children under 2 years old can use it for free.
  • You can receive it immediately after purchase.
  • In the case of tickets that have passed through the ticket gate (with a hole in the ticket), the validity period cannot be extended, refunded or exchanged even if the train is delayed or interrupted due to local circumstances.
  • You can receive preferential benefits by presenting the coupon mark of your Keihan train ticket.

Cancellation and Refund

This voucher is valid for the relevant period, and please understand that it cannot be refunded or changed once used. Unused orders can be canceled for free. (Refund policy applies.)
Refunds are not possible after physical tickets have been used.
• Cancellation/refund requests are limited to those received during business hours (Monday to Friday 10:00~18:00 / excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays). Cancellations received outside of business hours will be processed on the next business day (based on business hours). It's possible.
• Reservation cancellation and refund requests must be made within business hours and confirmation of cancellation must be received.
US$ 4.5118%
US$ 3.71

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