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Transit Passes

Swiss Travel Pass Mobile (Flex)

US$ 157.50
Available from Jun 15, 20244.9See reviews  >
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  • 1 person1 person
  • Use within the validity periodUse within the validity period
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • After Confirmation, 24 HoursAfter Confirmation, 24 Hours
Check before traveling

Check before traveling

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Everyone knows that you have to use the Swiss Pass to travel to Switzerland, right? I opened the date I wanted with Flexi, so I wrote it very, very well! If I go to Switzerland again next time, I will definitely buy the cheapest Waguesa again!


  • Buy the Swiss Travel Pass Flex and get access to Switzerland's transportation system for a fixed number of days
  • Enjoy unlimited travel by train, bus, and boat for 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 non-consecutive days within a month
  • Hop on the premium panorama train to take a scenic tour of Switzerland
  • Enjoy free admission to over 500 museums and 50% off mountain excursions
  • Book a discounted Swiss Travel Pass Flex at a discounted price today!
  • DEAL! First time to use WAUG? Get an extra $3 discount coupon after signing up


Unlock Switzerland's wide network of trains, buses, and boats with a Swiss Travel Pass Flex! Considered an essential pass for all travelers, the Swiss Travel Pass Flex provides free access to the Swiss public transport system for 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 non-conseuctive days within 1 month. What's more, similar to the consecutive option, Swiss Travel Pass Flex holders get free admission to over 500 partner museums and up to 50% off on mountain excursions — the best way to enjoy and save money on your trip. Book a discounted Swiss Travel Pass Flex on WAUG today!

 Purchase a Swiss Travel Pass Flex and discover Switzerland's scenic landscapes! 

 Enjoy access to the Swiss public transport system for up to 15 days within 1 month — travel days need not be consecutive! 

 Get free admission to over 500 museums and up to 50% discount on select mountain excursions

▲ Book a Swiss Travel Pass Flex on WAUG, the No. 1 activity booking app in South Korea!


What's Included

  • Swiss Travel Pass (Flex Pass)
  • Unlimited travel via train, bus and boat  for 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 consecutive days within 1 month
  • Unlimited travel on premium panorama trains: Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Golden Pass MOB, Gothard Panorama Express and Luzern Interlaken Express (seat reservations cost extra).
  • Unlimited use of public transit in more than 90 towns and cities.
  • Free admission to more than 500 museums
  • Pass includes mountain excursions to Brunni, Klewenalp, Rigi, Stanserhorn, and Stoos

What's Not Included

  • Additional fees for mountain excursions 

How To UseHow To Use

  • You will receive a confirmation and receipt via email. (The receipt is not a valid travel document.)
  • Activate your Swiss Travel Pass on activateyourpass.com within 6 months, and receive a valid ticket for each travel day.
  • Show your mobile or printed ticket to board.


What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • You must use your fixed number of travel days within 1 month. This pass gives you 3, 4, 8, or 15 days of travel in which you can take as many trips as you want within a calendar day (midnight - 5 AM the following day). These days do not need to be used continuously, but they must fall within a period of 1 month from the first date of validity.
  • Please ensure that the name/s in the booking matches the name you have on your passport.
  • 1st class Passes are valid in both 1st and 2nd class coaches. 2nd class Passes are only valid in 2nd class coaches.

Age Guidelines

  • Adult: 26+ years old
  • Youth: 16-25 years old 
  • Child: 6-15 years old (eligible for a free ticket via the Swiss Family Card if accompanied by an adult or legal guardian)
For Families
  • The Swiss Family Card allows children under 16 years old to travel for free with a parent or legal guardian holding a Swiss Travel System pass for all journeys.
  • Upon booking, please select the appropriate option to be issued a Swiss Family Card.
  • One document is issued per child. Seat reservations are an extra cost.
  • Children under 6 years old can travel for free if accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.
  • This offer is not available to residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Cancellation and Refund

Cancel up to 1 day before the first day of travel to receive a refund.
The refund amount is subject to a 15% penalty and booking fee.
Activated passes are non-cancellable.
Customer Service
US$ 157.50

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