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Transit Passes

Tokyo Subway Metro Pass 72 Hours

US$ 5.95
US$ 4.90
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  • Instant ConfirmationInstant Confirmation
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Use within the validity periodUse within the validity period
  • Cancellation unavailableCancellation unavailable
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이 지하철 표를 가지고있는 것은 얼마나 산들 바람 이냐. 도쿄를 여행하기 위해 지하철을 이용할 계획이라면 가격에 합당합니다.


All you need is a metro pass,
No worries about transportation

The Tokyo Metro Pass is the cheapest pass to ride the subway in Tokyo, where public transportation is known to be really expensive.

This pass is a discount ticket for foreign travelers (Tokyo Subway Ticket) that allows unlimited rides on 9 lines of the Tokyo Metro and 4 lines of the Toei Subway. It is considered a must-have item for traveling to Tokyo as it allows you to use the subway freely throughout most of downtown Tokyo without restrictions on the number of times it can be used during a set period of time.

Plus, you can get additional discounts at over 350 locations in Tokyo.


With just one pass
Enjoy Tokyo

You can travel throughout Tokyo with the Tokyo Metro Pass, which allows you to use all subway lines in Tokyo (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway). You can travel to Ginza, Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Roppongi, Shinjuku, and the hottest place, Shibuya, all with one pass. Just one thing! The fact that it only lasts for 72 hours from the time it first started! Just don't forget this.

Tokyo Metropass subway route map

This is a map of Tokyo's subway routes that can be used with the Tokyo Metro Pass. With just one pass, you can visit all of Tokyo’s diverse travel destinations. If you want to see an expanded subway map, click Download Route Map to download the route map to your smartphone. It is in Korean so it will be very useful.

The Tokyo Metro Pass can only be used on lines operated by Tokyo Metro and Toei.

Use smarter

The Tokyo Metro Pass can be used on lines operated by Tokyo Metro and Toei. However, the Tokyo subway is quite complicated and it is very difficult to find which line is the Tokyo Metro and which is the Toei line. In that case, you can check what line the station near you is on Google Maps.

If you are looking for a smarter way than this, I recommend downloading and using the 'Tokyo Subway Guide and Offline Map' app. A similar app is Tokyo Metro Subway Map & Route.

Why you should buy from WAUG

The Tokyo Metro Pass is a must-have for your trip to Tokyo! You can purchase it at the lowest price from WAUG and exchange it right away. WAUG vouchers are provided in just 1 second upon purchase, and the voucher can be exchanged for an actual Metro Pass at any time.

Conveniently purchase the Tokyo Metro Pass from WAUG anytime, anywhere.


What's Included

  • Tokyo Metro 72-hour pass

What's Not Included

How To UseHow To Use

  • Purchase products from WAUG
  • Issuance of mobile voucher by email
  • On the day of use, scan the QR code in the voucher at the automatic ticket machine at each ticket exchange location and exchange for a ticket.
  • Validity period: 12 months from date of purchase

Ticket redemption location:
Each Tokyo Metro station (except Hibiya Line Kitasenju, Nakameguro, Nakano, Nishi-Funabashi, Yoyogi-Uehara, Hanzomon Line, and Fukutoshin Line Shibuya and Meguro stations)
Please check the image for exchange instructions. Learn more

Available routes:
View details in image

What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Please exchange the voucher for an actual ticket at a vending machine located at major Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway stations.
  • It cannot be used on JR lines or private railway lines, so please purchase it locally.
  • You can get on and off the Tokyo subway and Toei subway at any station.
  • When you first pass through the ticket gate after receiving the physical ticket, the expiration date will be written on it.
  • If you cannot receive a physical ticket at the station office, you can use it by scanning the QR code on the voucher at a ticket vending machine for travelers and receiving a physical ticket. If you have difficulty using it, please ask a staff member for help at any time.
  • You can use it as long as you pass through the ticket gate within the validity period.
  • This ticket cannot be resold.
  • This ticket cannot be canceled or refunded.

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  • Some items are excluded, so please refer to the image above when using them!
  • It cannot be used on JR lines or private railway lines, so please purchase it locally.

Cancellation and Refund

Reservations for this product cannot be refunded or changed after purchase.
US$ 5.95
US$ 4.90

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