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Traditional Costume Experience

Seoul Jamsil Lotte World Seoulgyobog School Uniform Rental Ticket

US$ 21.908%
US$ 20.08
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  • 24 Hours Confirmation24 Hours Confirmation
  • 1 person1 person
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Use only on the scheduled dateUse only on the scheduled date
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • KoreanKorean
Provider(주)트래볼루션 TRAVOLUTION Inc.



star rate


star rate
There were 3 people who used it. As expected, the school uniform was Seoul school uniform! There are a lot of pretty school uniforms and it's nice that there are unlimited fittings. I tried them on a lot and they didn't even notice, which is great!


Put on the uniform, 
Let's go to Lotte World!

You can rent school uniforms near Jamsil, Lotte World at Seoulgyobog to enjoy your time at Lotte World.

There is currently a discount event for a buy one, get one offer, and you can choose from a variety of 1,000 school uniforms. You are free to try on as many uniforms as you like before renting the one you prefer.


Putting on a uniform, 
and going to the Lotte World is a must-do!

If you'd like to try out a Korean school uniform, why not try out the experience of being a Korean student at Lotte World? Dive into that Korean school culture by trying on Korean school uniforms featured in popular K-dramas, shows, and K-pop music videos. Take pictures and create lasting memories as if you're a Korean student attending Lotte World with friends or loved ones. You can visit Seoulgyobog to get school uniforms and uniquely explore Lotte World. It's a trendy event that anyone wanting to experience something different at Lotte World should notice.

Why we recommend Seoulgyobog
School Uniform Rental Shop

Visit Seoulgyobog to choose from a wide range of 1,000 school uniforms that cater to your preferences. If you are unsure which one to pick, you can try out as many as you want until you find the perfect one.

1. Based on preference of custom repair service provided
2. Unlimited try out
3. Free storage (luggage storing available)


What's Included

  • Based on 1-day school uniform rental (Buy 1, Get 1 = total 2)
  • Skirts or pants, shirts, vests, ties all included

What's Not Included

  • Deposit: 5,000 KRW (cash only, will be returned after uniforms are received)

How To UseHow To Use

  • Book your available date and time for reservation. 
  • We will send you the voucher after confirming the availability of the spot from 'Jamsil Seoulgybog.' 
  • If the reservation is out of stock, please get in touch with the 'Jamsil Seoulgyobog'. 
  • The voucher is valid only on the selected date.

Address :
Jamsil Seoulgyobog
40 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (B1, Flat 117) 
Open in Google Maps

Hours :
Daily 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Open all year round

Contacts :
+82) 2-412-1510


40 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (B1, Flat 117) 


What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • The school uniform rental is only available during the operation hours. (please return till 09:00 PM).
  • We will freely store your clothes and belongings at the store. However, for your valuables, please keep it with you. 
  • If the stain is removable by washing, no problem. However, if it's caused by cosmetics or deeply colored foods that leave marks, a cleaning fee will be charged.
  • When renting, you need more than one valid ID is required, and a deposit of 5,000 KRW per set is required. (Only on-site cash payment is accepted / Upon return, the uniform will be checked and returned.)
  • All available to change date or timeslot, yet please let us know in advance. However, if your preferred date and timeslot are out of stock, the reservation may be unavailable. In this case, we will notify you via email. 

Cancellation and Refund

• 1 day (till 5:00 PM KST) before the selected visit date: A full refund
• On the selected visit date: non-refundable, available to change
US$ 21.908%
US$ 20.08

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