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Kaiseki Restaurant Ginza Ibuki (Michelin Guide)

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Love the way how they design plating. Fascinated with Japanese food as well as their culture this time. Also, it was really convenience to make a reservation. didn't have to wait at all and could have dinner straight up

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Owned by Nakai Chef,
Michelin-starred for five consecutive years of, Ibuki Restaurant

Ibuki, a restaurant owned and operated by Chef Nakai, has been awarded Michelin stars for five consecutive years. At Ibuki, you can savor delicious Kaiseki, a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner that showcases the chef's culinary skills and techniques. Indulge in the finest skipjack tuna dishes from Kochi, Kyushu, Chiba, and Kesennuma, prepared using the best seasonal ingredients. The restaurant's clean and tidy food show why Ibuki has been granted five consecutive years of Michelin stars.


Taste in Ginza, Tokyo,
Authentic Kaiseki Cuisine

Ibuki is one of the authentic Japanese kaiseki restaurants that has won a Michelin One Star for five consecutive years. It provides flavors centered on fresh food, including seasonal ingredients. 

This Ibuki kaiseki restaurant is prepared by a chef with 20 years of experience, which gives beautiful visual looks and serve on suitable and well-fit bowls for seasonal dishes. Once you enter the store, sense the faintly fragrant aroma and the thoughtful hospitality of customers. Enjoy a delicious meal in Ibukai!

Enjoy the cozy and emotional space!

You may have difficulty searching  Ibuki kaiseki restaurant, located in an alley in Ginza with a small signboard on it. Nevertheless, once you enter Ibuki, you may indeed be surprised by the prettiness and be emotional. An excellent place to enjoy a leisurely meal since fewer people inside the restaurant surround it. 

Inside is a room with straight-line seating, with a seperate charge. The room is large enough to fit four people in. 

Kaiseki with seasonal ingredients

Ginza Ibuki is a chef's kaiseki course meal, yet each season's menu differs. They always use fresh ingredients, so always take advantage of tasting quality food.


〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chūō, Ginza, 2 Chome−14−6 第2松岡ビル Japan


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