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Abeno Harukas 300 Heliport Zone Ticket

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❣️WAUG is Abeno Harukas official partner. 
❣️This product only covers the Heliport Zone Admission Ticket within Abeno Harukas, and please purchase seperately Abeno Harukas Admission Ticket.




star rate


star rate
I went there last March! First I have to go to the observatory when I buy. Should I go to the heliport zone? I decided to pay for it and it was really good. So I recommend you unconditional once. It's much better to have a clear view. I just got a little frustrated at the observatory. And especially good for taking pictures. If you lean on the railing and take a picture, you will get a really beautiful picture! Please come real unconditionally!


Harukas 300 Observatory,
go on to the top of it!

One of the best observatories in Osaka is the Harukas 300 Observatory, located at an impressive height of 300 meters to offer a breathtaking view of the city. The 60th floor of the observation deck features a 360-degree glass wall, providing visitors with an incredible panoramic view. It's no wonder that this observatory is famous among people.

On a clear day, visitors can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of significant regions in Kansai, including the old capital city of Kyoto, Kobe, and Mountain Rokko. Additionally, the glittering and shiny night view is not to be missed. You can visit the Harukas 300 Observation anytime you prefer, so be sure to add it to your must-see attraction list!

This ticket offers unobstructed, panoramic views of Osaka from the Heliport Zone on top of Abeno Harukas 300, making it a must-purchase item for Osaka travelers. It's you chance to admire Osaka's cityscape from 300 meters above the ground. You have to purchase Harukas 300 Observatory Admission ticket with it, so purchase now! 


View the panoramic view of the open roof, 
Osaka's view at Abeno Harukas 300 Heliport Zone

Experience the open roof of Abeno Harukas 300 by the Heliport. At a height of 300-meter high cliff, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view and feel the wind in your hair. Once you climb the stairs, you will get an unobstructed view of Osaka, including the old capital city of Kyoto, Kobe, and Mountain Rokko. Let's hop on to the Heliport Zone located atop the building for the ultimate bird's-eye view of Japan's major outlook. This is the perfect spot to view all of Osaka at once. On a clear day, it will give you a beautiful sky-blue view, and at night, it will offer you a glittering night view, perfect for a romantic spot!

On the west, you can see the sunset along the Yodogawa River and the sky turning from gold to red-colored light. On the east, the quickness of darkness goes on, and the lights turn on. Once the sunset is over, the night view of Osaka unfolds like a jewel box surrounded by the sea and gently ridged mountains.

To use the Abeno Harukas 300 Heliport Zone Ticket, you need to purchase the Abeno Harukas 300 Admission Ticket. Enjoy Osaka's fascinating view with Abeno Harukas 300 Heliport Zone!

A recommendation to how to get Abeno Harukas!

Most travelers to Osaka mostly use the hotels in the Dotonbori, Namba, and Umeda areas, and here is the following information. 

1. At the Namba station, get on Midosuji Subway Line (platform #1). Then Get off at Tennoji Station and walk for 3 minutes.

2. Get on the Tanimachi subway  Line (purple line) or Midosuji Subway Line (red line) at Umeda. Then get off at Tennoji Station and walk for 3 minutes. 

TIP. What if you go directly from Kansai Airpot?
The Kansai airport has an airport bus drive to Harukas 300 directly, so you can hop on it. 

Check out the benefits of Abeno Harukas 300!

Harukas 300 is an observation deck that can be visited anytime during good weather. However, the best time to visit is at 5:00 pm to witness the stunning sunset and night view of Osaka simultaneously!

Abeno Harukas 300 operates from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm, so leisurely enjoy your time here. 

See the details of the 58th - 60th floor.

Take a look at Abeno Harukas' observation deck on the 58th - 60th floors and enjoy the stunning views!

58 - 59 floors: Sky Garden 300  

Enjoy the wooden deck area located on the 58th floor. You can feel the breeze by the open roof of the outdoor space, so savor the fresh air while relishing delicious food and beverages. Witness the beautiful sunset between the two towers of the Twin Towers and capture stunning pictures in this popular spot. On the 59th floor, don't forget to check out the Abeno Harukas observatory novelty to bring back a souvenir.

60th Floor: 360 Degrees, Glass-enclosed Observation Deck 

Experience the breathtaking 360-degree views of Osaka from the all-glass enclosed deck on the 60th floor, soaring 300 meters above ground.

Go for a new world of life!

When you arrive at Abeno Harukas 300 in Osaka, take the elevator up to the 16th floor and then proceed to the 60th floor, which is 288 meters high. Once you reach the top, you may feel like you have entered a different world and experience a sense of excitement. It's like taking off on a flight into the starry night sky, and you'll get to the top in just 50 seconds!

Take in the stunning scenery and skyline in front of you, and immerse yourself in this heavenly world.

A must-go to the restroom!

Capture a photo at the restroom of Harukas 300! Surround yourself with beautiful photo spots and stunning interiors. Strike a pose in the corner space of the bathroom, which features a 360-degree glass view! This place is quite popular on Instagram, so don't miss the opportunity to take some amazing pictures right now.

Must-go place, Sky Garden 300 

Have you had a chance to check out the restaurant on the 58th floor of Sky Garden 300? They offer a diverse menu of casual American dining featuring pasta made with local food ingredients and styles, as well as a variety of snacks, sweets, local beer, wine, and more. It's worth noting that they also have a cafe where you can grab a cup of coffee. Sounds like a great spot to visit!


What's Included

  • Abeno Harukas 300 Heliport Zone Admission Ticket

What's Not Included

How To UseHow To Use

  • You will receive a mobile voucher after booking.
  • Show the both voucher Abeno Harukas 300 and Heloport Zone on each counter. 
  • Pleaes arrive on the selected date and time slot(s). 
  • Please show the Abeno Harukas 300 on the 16th floor counter. 
  • Please show the mobile voucher at the Heliport Zone counter on the 60th floor.
  • Personal information like name, visit date, and gender cannot be changed after the voucher has been issued.
  • The voucher is only valid on the selected date and time slot(s). 
Please Note 
  • Please check in at the Heliport Zone counter on the 60th floor by the scheduled visit time. Check-in closes 15 minutes after your scheduled visit time.
  • In case of late arrival or full booking (20 pax), you will be assigned the next available tour.
  • Those heavy drunker cannot be admitted to the Heliport Zone.

Address :
Abeno Harukas 300
1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 545-8545 Japan
Open in Google Maps

Opening Hours :
Daily 09:00 am - 10:00 pm
Last admission: 09:30 pm
* Please arrive 15 minutes before closing. 
* Open all year round

Available Tour hours: 
Morning 10:30  am/ 11:20 am
Afternoon 12:10 pm / 01:00 pm / 01:50 pm / 02:40 pm / 03:30 pm / 04:20 pm / 05:10 pm / 06:00 pm / 06:50 pm / 07:40 pm / 08:30 pm


1 Chome-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 545-8545 Japan


What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • To visit the Heliport Zone, you have to visit with an Abeno Harukas 300 Observatory Ticket.
  • A full refund will be made if you were unable to enter the Heliport Zone due to inclement weather.
  • Refunds will not be made for inaccurate information filled out during reservation.
  • Refunds and changes to reservation will not be made while your reservation is being processed or after your voucher has been issued.
  • Without using the ticket, a refund is available within the validity period. 
  • Please fill out your personal information accurately when making your reservation.
  • The adult rate and child rate are identical.
  • Children ages 3 or below cannot visit Abeno Harukas 300. 
  • Tickets for children ages 4 - 11 can be purchased on site at a cheaper price.
  • The Heliport Zone may be closed for special events and other occasions.
  • Your reservation is not complete until you have received a confirmation voucher.
  • Your voucher is valid for admission only on the scheduled visit date and time.
  • Admission may be unavailable at your scheduled visit time, depending on local circumstances like full registration or late arrival.
  • Your reservation may be canceled due to the quantity of guests or reservation status. Your booking is not complete till you receive the voucher. 
  • In case of late arrival or full booking (20 pax), you will be assigned the next available tour.
  • Those heavy drinkers cannot be admitted to the Heliport Zone.
  • This ticket is for foreign visitors only. Japanese nationals may not purchase this ticket.
  • You can have your smartphone with you. 
  • Same-day booking is unavailable, available from next day. 
  • Please have your lungagge or heavy baggage (tripod, binoculars, and so on), please remain at the locker. 

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  • In case of late arrival or full booking (20 pax), you will be assigned the next available tour.
  • Tickets for children ages 4 - 11 can be purchased on-site at a cheaper price.
  • Please have your lungagge or heavy baggage (tripod, binoculars, and so on), and please remain in the locker. 
  • You can have your smartphone with you. 
  • We may close on special business days or due to local weather.

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation is available within the validity period. (Need to be unused)
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