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Hong Kong TurboJET Ferry Ticket (instant confirmation)

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  • TurboJET ferry is the best way to travel between Hong Kong and Macau
  • The TurboJET ferry takes about 60 minutes from Hong Kong to Macau
  • You may need to wait long to buy tickets on-site, so please make a reservation in advance!
  • If you are looking for a ferry boarding pass from Hong Kong Airport to Macau? Click here for details
  • No more waiting after payment! Once payment is complete, use it right away!



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Hong Kong - The TurboJET ferry, which travels from Hong Kong to Macau, has already been the safest transportation in decades. It runs 24 hours a day, so you can move from Hong Kong to Macau anytime you want! Also, it takes only an hour to Macau, so there is no burden.

In addition, the seating is also wide and cozy, so you can move very easily! But, it is always crowded by many tourists to purchase tickets, so it takes an average of 20 minutes or more to buy one on site. So, if you book in advance at a discounted price from WAUG, you can enjoy a much more leisurely trip. WAUG is the official partner of Hong Kong TurboJET Ferry, so you can purchase at any time from the one-way ticket to the round trip ticket at a discounted price.
If you are staying in Hong Kong, use a Hong Kong to Macau route, and if you are staying in Kowloon peninsula, use a Kowloon to Macau route.

 TurboJET Ferry runs from Hong Kong Airport to Macau as well! Have a look at Hong Kong Airport Macau TurboJET Ferry Ticket.

You can travel from Macau to Hong Kong as well! Travel through two different countries with TurboJET Ferry!


1. Departure: Hong Kong - Arrival: Macau (One-way Trip)
Departure: Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) - Arrival: Macau 
Departure: Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) - Arrival: Macau
Departure: Túnmén - Arrival: Macau

2. Departure: Macau - Arrival: Hong Kong (One-way Trip)
Departure: Macau - Arrival: Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) 
Departure: Macau - Arrival: Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Departure: Macau - Arrival: Túen Mun

What's Included
  • Turbojet Ferry Boarding Pass 
How to Use
  • Once confirmed, the voucher will be sent to your email.
  • Please present the printed voucher at the TurboJET Ferry Check-in counter 40 minutes before the departure and exchange it for a physical ticket
  • This ticket is valid only on the scheduled visit date and time. (Schedule change or refund not possible).
  • You must board on the designated time, which is specified on your voucher.
  • Passports with at least 6 months of validity period required.
  • Please note that prices are different for day pass and night pass. Click here to view night pass schedules. 

Redemption Point :

1. Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) Central Terminal :
Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal
MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit D
Please find the location on Google Maps

2. Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) Terminal :
China Hongkong City Ferry Terminal
MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit A1, 10 minutes away on foot heading Hai Phong Road
Please find the location on Google Maps

3. Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal :
Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal 148 Wu Chui Rd Butterfly Beach, Hong Kong
Please find the location on Google Maps

4. Macau Ferry Terminal :
Macau Maritimo Ferry Terminal
Largo do Terminal Maritimo, Macau
Please find the location on Google Maps

Ferry Schedule and Ferry Information

1. Hong Kong → Macau

Hong Kong(Sheung Wan) → Macau Outer Harbour:
From 07:00 am to 23:59 pm every 30 minutes
About 55 minutes to Macau

Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) → Macau Outer Harbour:
Until March 24, 2019: 07:30 am to 22:30 pm
From March 25, 2019: 07:30 am to 21:30 pm
About 60 minutes to Macau
Departures at Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) - For night ferry arriving in Macau, only 18:30 pm schedule can be booked.

Tuen Mun → Macau Outer Harbour: 
From 07:40 am to 21:50 pm every 90 minutes
About 40 minutes to Macau

2. Macau → Hong Kong

Macau Outer Harbour → Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) :
From 07:00 am to 23:59 pm every 30 minutes
About 55 minutes to Hong Kong

Macao Outer Harbour → Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) :
Until March 24, 2019: 07:05 am to 22:35 pm
From March 25, 2019: 09:05 am to 21:35 pm
About 60 minutes to Kowloon

Macau → Tuen Mun :
From 07:40 am to 20:40 pm
About 40 minutes to Macau

Click here to check the correct schedule for each route.

Weekend prices apply on holidays in Hong Kong.

What to Remember
  • When making a reservation, please enter the exact English name on your passport. If the English name is incorrect, a fee of HKD 50 will be charged per ticket. (In case of two persons, a handling fee of HKD 100 will be charged.)
  • Weekend rates will be applied on public holidays of Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Checking in at least 40 minutes before the departure is recommended. If the boarding is delayed due to the customer's situation, it is not refundable or exchangeable.
  • Children under the age of 1 are free of charge.
  • Weight limit for baggage: 20kg per person.
  • Due to bad weather, such as a typhoon, the ferry service may be stopped. 
  • If the ferry is canceled due to bad weather conditions and typhoons, refunds can be made only until the morning of the next day.
  • However, if the ferry is not available due to a flight cancellation and delay, the refund can be made except for the cancellation fee for the item requested at least two days prior to the usage date (If you request a refund on the day of use, it is non-refundable).
  • This ticket is a one-way ticket. Make sure you select the origin and destination correctly. 
  • Voucher can be nullified if changed without approval or validation from the TurboJET Company.
  • The service is conducted in accordance with TurboJET's Passenger and Luggage Transport Terms.
  • TurboJET has final discretion in the event of a dispute.
  • If you want to use it with your party, please make a reservation with the representatives at once.
  • Bookings on the same day can be canceled after payment is completed. We recommend that you make a reservation with enough time. Please understand that boarding at your desired time may be difficult due to several reasons including real-time sold-outs.
  • A representative person can purchase multiple tickets at once. 
  • We are not responsible for the situation if you cannot board with your party at the same time as you purchase the ticket separately due to same time reservation failure.
  • Night ferry hours vary according to different seasons. Click here to view night ferry schedules.
  • Weekend prices apply on holidays in Hong Kong.


Once confirmed, no cancellations will be made.
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