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Hankyu Tourist Pass 1-Day / 2-Day

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  • Hankyu Tourist Pass is a free pass to Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe
  • Take one of Hankyu Tourist Pass to Japan’s largest cities, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe
  • These tickets can be picked up at Gimpo, Gimhae, and Incheon International Airport
  • You only need to select the places that you want in advance and then purchase it
  • WAUG is the official partner of Hankyu Tourist Pass



박미* (5/5) 2019-06-13

Booth location is also very easy to find and neat packaging.

우인* (5/5) 2019-06-13

I used it well!


Hankyu Tourist Pass is a ticket that allows unlimited use of all Hankyu Railway lines connecting Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. So those who want to travel to Kyoto and Kobe are a necessity that must be purchased before traveling.

You can use blue, orange, and green lines of the photo above as a Hankyu Pass. The blue line is Kobe Line and Koyo Line, and the yellow line is the closest to Osaka Airport to Hotarugaike Station.

In addition, the green line is Kyoto Line, so it is easy to move from Umeda to Kyoto. Most of them go to Osaka and then travel to Kyoto, so they buy lots of Hankyu Pass. What if you want to find more detailed routes? Click here

Now you can visit Osaka's various attractions with Hankyu Pass! WAUG is the official partner of Hankyu Tourist Pass.

What's Included
  • Hankyu Tourist Pass 1-Day
  • Hankyu Tourist Pass 2-Day
How to Use
  • Once confirmed, the voucher will be sent to your email or mobile app.
  • Please check the purchase details at the designated airport WAUG booth on the day of receipt
  • There are so many recipients, so sometimes you might receive the wrong voucher from the booth.
  • Please make sure that you have the right pass in front of the booth staff after receiving it 

Redemption Point :

1. Incheon International Airport Booth :

Terminal 1(T1)
Bookstore in front of a pharmacy at international line G counter, 3F Incheon International Airport
Opening Hours: 06:30 am - 21:00 pm
able to receive on that day in the opening hours
To check the image of the booth, Click Here
Phone: +82-70-4353-5959

Terminal 2(T2)
Bookstore in front of Departure D counter, the 2nd terminal Incheon International Airport
Opening Hours: 06:30 am - 20:30 pm
To check the image of the booth, Click Here

2. Gimpo International Airport Booth :
C table WAUG booth, 4F International Line, Gimpo international airport
Opening Hours: 06:30 am - 20:00 pm
able to receive on that day in the opening hours
Phone: +82-10-8321-5536(When inquiring about receipt / return location)
To check the image of the booth, Click Here
To see a movie showing the way to the booth, Click Here

3. Gimhae International Airport Booth :
"Hi Sending" WAUG Booth beside Gate No.3 at 1st Floor ofGimhae International Airport 
WAUG Booth is locating at the 1st floor, not the 2nd floor. It is easy to get confused with the departure floor on the 2nd floor. 
Operating Hours: 05:30 am - 20:30 pm
Pick-up is available anytime during the operating hours.
Booth Contact : (+82) 010-3438-0222
To check the image of the booth, Click Here

What to Remember
  • Use date is designated as departure day (airport visit date) and then purchase it 
  • You can only pick up at the airport you specify at the time of payment.
  • Ex) It is impossible to receive it at Gimpo Airport after purchasing to Incheon Airport (Operating place is different)
  • It can be received immediately after purchasing in WAUG app from Incheon Airport or Gimpo Airport.
  • Pick up immediately after purchase
  • The Japanese are not available to purchase it
  • Hankyu Pass valid until April 30, 2019
  • If the ticket has passed the ticket barrier, the validity period cannot be extended, refunded or exchanged even if the train is delayed or stopped due to local circumstances.
1. When should I sepcify the date when I make a payment?

Please purchase at Incehon, Gimhae, and Gimpo Airport when you make a payment. It is not intended to be purchased for actual use. Please specify the date of arrival at ariport!

2. Can I cancel my purchase?

If you have not received it, you can cancel it. However, refunds are available after deducting 10% on the day of use or not yet. You are free to cancel 24 hours in advance. 

3. Can I make a reservation on the same day?

The voucher can be picked up at the airport immediately after payment with WAUG. At any time, you can only make purchases from our app, mobile, and PC sites.
1 day prior to the scheduled visit / collection date: cancellation possible
Failure to collect on the day of the scheduled visit / collection: 90% refund
(The same policy applies to cases of natural disasters)
Available from Jun 19, 2019
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