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Hong Kong Airport Express Train (Board immediately with QR code)

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Mobile voucher
  • Take the AEL from Hong Kong Airport to downtown!
  • Only 20 minutes to reach downtown
  • Use free WIFI and mobile charger in the AEL
  • Take the convenient transportation at Hong Kong Airport!
  • Use WAUG's app voucher as a boarding pass
  • Looking for a ride of both AEL and MTR? Click here for details!



정연* (1/5) 2019-06-16

It is Hong Kong Kowloon Station now. I went to Hong Kong for the first time to use the AEEL ticket, but when I first came to Hong Kong, I had a bar code on my voucher, but I did not check the voucher barcode for the airport right now. I do not have the voucher mobile right now, I do not even get a call! I am going to go to Korea and I am really angry.

김* (2/5) 2019-06-02

I am going to go out with the Qur'aldoc code on the 6th of February.


With the Airport Express, you can get to the center of Hong Kong in just 20 something minutes. Onboard, you can enjoy free WiFi and mobile charging service. You can also put your luggage inside in a separate space. If you want to charge your laptop and mobile phone, you should board in no. 1 or 7. Do not hesitate to purchase the airport express ticket. 

Simply scan the QR code on the WAUG Application voucher and you are set to go! The AEL from the airport to the Center of Hong Kong operates daily from 06:00 am to 12:48 am.

▲ A separate space for luggage and free WIFI is available inside the train!

Enjoy the view of Hong Kong while on board the AEL

Simply scan the WAUG Application voucher and you are set to go

AEL Operation Hours

1. Airport → Downtown :
First train: 05:54 am 
Last train: 00:48 am
Frequency: 5-10 minutes

2. Hong Kong Station → Airport :
First train: 05:50 am
Last train: 00:48 am
Frequency: 12 minutes
Duration: 24 minutes

3. Kowloon Station → Airport :
First train: 05:53 am
Last train: 00:52 am
Frequency: 12 minutes
Duration: 22 minutes

Click here to check the exact departure time 

What's Included
  • Airport Express Train e-ticket (Use QR code)
How to Use
  • Once confirmed, the voucher will be sent to your email or mobile app.
  • Please scan the QR code at the AEL boarding gate and get on the AEL immediately.  
  • Valid until the specified period on QR code.
  • This voucher is valid for 90 days from the scheduled date.
  • You must use the round-trip ticket within 30 days from the date of first use. 


What to Remember
  • You can aboard AEL immediately after scanning the QR code.
  • The QR code is only for adults from age 12 and above.
  • If you cannot see your app voucher, you need to update your WAUG app in Android phone.
  • Android is available after an update. Please wait.
  • The Airport Express Round Trip Ticket QR Code entitles the passenger to two Airport Express journeys. The passenger must use the same QR Code to travel to and from the designated station.
  • Click here to check the accurate departure time 

1. When can I get a voucher?

Voucher will be issued immediately upon purchase. You can use the QR code (click on the fourth voucher shape at the bottom of the app main)

2. Do I have to take the airport express train on the selected date?

No. You are free to use it within the validity period on the QR code.

3. What if I cannot see the voucher in the app?

You need to update your WAUG app in Android phone.

Once confirmed, no cancellations will be made.
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